New Enquiries and Fees

New Enquiries
Families interested in joining Je Joue are welcome to attend a trial session to see whether playgroup is right for them. All enquiries should be directed to the Enrolments Officer:
0422 431 901

Joining Je Joue
All new members will need to complete the Je Joue enrolment form, pay the relevant Je Joue fees and become a member of Playgroup Victoria.

Contact the Enrolments Officer for detailed instructions on completing these steps.

Je Joue Fees
Fees are paid by all Je Joue Playgroup members to cover the costs associated with running playgroup (such as paying rent for our facilities). It is important that all fees are paid on time so that we as a playgroup can meet our payment deadlines.

In 2017, Je Joue fees are $35.00 per semester (two semesters per year).

Playgroup Victoria Fees
Each family needs to be a member of Playgroup Victoria and fees are $40.00 per year (1st March 2017 to 28th February 2018).  As well as a series of member benefits, PGV provide insurance for you and your child whilst at playgroup. 

Enrolments instructions can be found on the Playgroup Victoria website. Please ensure you reference Je Joue Playgroup, playgroup number 16302 and your sessions time/day ( e.g., Monday 9.30am) when enrolling.

All families must be financial members for our playgroup to be fully covered by Playgroup Victoria’s comprehensive playgroup insurance.

Je Joue Playgroup actively fundraises throughout the year so that enrolment costs are kept low. Activities include raffles, chocolate drives, cake stalls, barbeques etc and pay for the maintenance and replenishment of toys, equipment and art/craft supplies, as well as our fabulous Christmas party.

Families are expected to take part in two of our major fundraising activities per year.